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Cogstate is the partner of choice for scientists around the world and has the hands-on experience to help your team gather answers to further your work. Cogstate digital assessments are provided at a discounted rate to scientists and institutions conducting eligible research studies.

Eligible research studies meet the following criteria:

  • Is funded by a research funding body (and specifically not by a commercial or for-profit entity)
  • Does not form part of a submission to a regulatory body (e.g., the FDA)
  • Is undertaken with the intention of publication
  • Does not have any restrictions on publication imposed by a for-profit company 

 If your study does not meet these criteria, please consider our clinical trials support services. You can request more information here.

Your Account for the Standard Tests

Your Cogstate Research account will entitle you to:

  • Use the Cogstate Research software with any combination of tests on any number of computers for the duration of your study.
  • Use a study-specific data management website which will enable you to track the status of tests as they are uploaded

Researchers are able to choose the testing language after downloading the Cogstate Research software. To see the languages available for test instructions, please click the “+”.

Testing Languages

Afrikaans (South Africa)Danish (Denmark)Dutch (Belgium)Dutch (Netherlands)English (Australia)
English (Canada)English (India)English (Israel)English (Malaysia)English (Puerto Rico)
English (South Africa)English (United Kingdom)English (United States)Finnish (Finland)French (Belgium)
French (France)French (Switzerland)German (Austria)German (Belgium)German (Germany)
Greek (Greece)Hungarian (Hungary)Italian (Italy)Japanese (Japan)Korean (Korea)
Lithuanian (Lithuania)Polish (Poland)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)Romanian (Romania)
Russian (Russia)Russian (Ukraine)Simplified Chinese (China)Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Chile)
Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Spain)
Swedish (Sweden)Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)Urdu (India)

To read the Cogstate Research Terms of Use please click here.

Cogstate is able to provide its technology for use by academic researchers at discounted rates through standardizing the products and services, as well as the legal terms upon which they are made available. As such, the terms of our Research License Agreement are non-negotiable.

Request a Quote

We are currently not accepting quote requests, as we are in the process of developing an academic research software package suitable for remote test administration. Submissions will open again early next year and we invite you to reach out at that time.

The research software package will include:

  • A battery of digital cognitive tests with testing instructions.
  • Development of a participant facing study-specific portal and API integration for test administration; with access code table generation.
  • A corresponding secure, study-specific database and web-based portal to receive and analyze testing data and enable remote monitoring.