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At Cogstate, we believe that brain health is profoundly important to quality of life and should be easier to measure. Therefore, our mission is to optimize cognitive assessments to support the development of new therapeutics and provide earlier brain health insights in clinical care.


Cogstate Services

We focus our expertise, access to data and flexible technology on radically simplifying the assessment of cognition and behavior to improve clinical research and clinical care around the world.

We do this by providing rapid, reliable, sensitive and simple computerized cognitive tests for clinical trials, academic research and clinical care, including management of concussion and brain injury.  We also support a suite of quality assurance solutions for conventional neuropsychological assessments, including scale licensing and translations, rater training and monitoring and electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs).


Our Story

Cogstate was founded in 1999 by neuroscientists in Australia. While studying brain injury in indigenous communities, they discovered assessments of cognition were limited by both the linguistic and cultural contexts. Seeking to address these challenges, Cogstate scientists developed assessments of cognition that were largely free of language, were culturally neutral and could be used to identify impairments and changes in cognition in any group of individuals.

Cogstate tests were designed to withstand numerous operational challenges of conducting global clinical trials, including:


Over the course of the last 20+ years, Cogstate has gathered strong scientific validation of our tests through more than 400 peer-reviewed studies showing their sensitivity and specificity. The tests have been leveraged in more than 70 indications as measures of both safety and efficacy.

In addition, Cogstate supports conventional, paper-and-pencil measures of cognition. In this realm, we also leverage technology, such as eCOA, to support the collection of data and provide quality control solutions for these rater-administered assessments.


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