2021 Report to Shareholders

A milestone year with momentum continuing to build.

Message from the Chairman and CEO

Dear shareholder,

Since the inception of Cogstate in 1999, our investment thesis has been focused on an aging population, an increasing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and the need to provide technology solutions that simplify the measurement of cognition for patients, their doctors and the companies developing new and better therapies. Throughout that long journey, we have remained steadfast in our belief that, eventually, treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease would come to market and, when they did, Cogstate would be there to provide technology solutions that make cognitive assessment easy and accessible.

Our goal has always been to play a small but important role in delivering better brain health to all.

Within the context of our original ambitions, the 2021 financial year has been a watershed year for Cogstate.

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FY21 Financial Highlights

A return to profitability, a solid cash balance and improving outlook

(all figures in US$)

Record clinical sales contracts executed (+15%)
Record contracted future revenue (+151%)
Record Group Revenue (+44%)
Transitioned to positive PBT (PCP -$3.0m)
Strong operating cash flow (+631%)
Net Cash balance (+282%)

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