January 2018

Expert perspectives on improving cognitive measures from clinical trials to clinical practice.

Strategic Central Monitoring of Psychometric Tests and Rating Scales

January 17, 2018

Even when employing the most intensive rater training program, many raters may still make errors in administering and scoring some psychometric tests and rating scales in clinical trials. Cogstate Central Monitoring helps ensure the highest possible data quality through rigorous expert review — acting as an extension of the rater training program. Our central monitoring […]

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day For Better Cognitive Performance

January 10, 2018

Right up there with taking ten thousand daily steps, drinking enough water is another recommended health goal to include in your New Year’s resolutions. While many of us try to maintain our weekly average hydration through the foods and beverages we consume, there can be fluctuations throughout each day, caused by our work or exercise […]