October 2016

The latest from Cogstate, leaders in optimizing the measurement of cognition

Cogstate and Clinical Ink Deliver Enhanced Tablet-Based eCOA for CNS Clinical Trials

October 24, 2016

New Haven, CT & Philadelphia, PA– October 25, 2016: Cognitive science company, Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) and Clinical Ink, the leading provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies, today announced they have formalized their long-standing relationship with a strategic alliance that delivers enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials. The alliance combines, in a single […]

Cogstate Computerized Battery Effective For Long-Term Monitoring of Cognitive Side Effects in Pediatric Leukemia Patients

October 20, 2016

Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) often battle neurocognitive deficits as a result of their radiation or chemotherapy treatment. During treatment and sometimes up to two years after treatment, their quality of life is affected by impairments in attention, processing speed and executive functioning. While many pediatric leukemia studies have identified possible counter measures later […]

Study Highlights Correlation Between Cogstate Battery And Traditional Neuropsychological Tests

October 12, 2016

Detecting the earliest signs of cognitive decline in older adults provides clinicians and researchers with opportunities to study the beginning stages of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Some traditional “paper and pencil” neuropsychological tests provide accuracy and a rich database of historical studies, but they can also present challenges such as ensuring standardized administration, cultural […]