May 2014

The latest from Cogstate, leaders in optimizing the measurement of cognition

Cogstate Tests Show Cognitive Preservation In Multiple Sclerosis Patients

May 22, 2014

Of the many challenges that face adults with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the deterioration of their cognitive function is often the most debilitating. Problems with memory, information processing and everyday decision-making are consequences of the neural communication breakdown caused by the loss of the myelin sheath insulation protecting each neuron. Finding treatment options that can slow […]

Research Recommends An Individualized Baseline Cognitive Test For Young Athletes

May 14, 2014

For young athletes and their parents, the “fog of concussion” is often a difficult injury to understand and properly treat.  Unlike a swelling joint, a bleeding wound or a bruised muscle, a blow to the head leaves few obvious, telltale signs that damage has been done.  There are behavioral symptoms that coaches and trainers can […]