January 2014

The latest from Cogstate, leaders in optimizing the measurement of cognition

Research Confirms Effectiveness Of New Test For Alzheimer’s Disease

January 14, 2014

For patients over the age of 50, a routine physical exam at the doctor’s office typically covers a wide spectrum of medical biomarkers with one glaring exception, cognitive health. Unless there has been unusual mental changes or challenges in their daily life, tests of a patient’s attention, memory or brain processing speed are usually not part […]

Children’s Oncology Group Relies On Cogstate For Pediatric Cognition Testing

January 3, 2014

When attacking a disease as diverse and complicated as cancer, it is critical to have an equally diverse but coordinated research collaborative working together. When the patient is a child, the urgency for a treatment or cure increases substantially.  This was the motivation for four pediatric oncology research groups to voluntarily join together back in […]