September 2013

The latest from Cogstate, leaders in optimizing the measurement of cognition

Trial To Test Prevention Of Alzheimer’s Has Begun​​ With Cogstate Technology

September 26, 2013

By Michael C. Purdy More than a century ago, Alois Alzheimer, a Bavarian physician, first identified the neurodegenerative brain condition that came to be known as Alzheimer’s disease. Finding ways to diagnose and treat this disease has frustrated scientists and clinicians ever since. Now the long and hard-fought campaign against Alzheimer’s has reached a potentially significant […]

Cogstate Testing Shows Effective Treatment For Schizophrenia Symptoms

September 22, 2013

For patients dealing with the everyday struggles of schizophrenia, any improvement in their cognitive functioning is welcome news.  Since there is no cure for the disorder, care providers have focused on relieving these symptoms with proven medications.  Now, a team of neuroscientists, including Dr. Paul Maruff, Chief Science Officer at Cogstate, have reported that Lurasidone, […]